Cosplay Realm Magazine

Our Harry Potter quartet (Lea, Reed, Tess, and Keenan) was featured in the Magic Issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine. Photo by Mike Brown

Geek Enthusiast Magazine

Our Eowyn (Kelly) was featured in Geek Enthusiast Magazine‘s November 2018 Issue. Photo by Keren Hitterman

The Daily Hive

Thanks to The Daily Hive for their write-up on our Harry Potter Birthday Party!

BlogTO: Game of Trivia: You Know NOTHING Toronto

BlogTO gave us a little plug for our first event – a Game of Thrones trivia night at The Amsterdam Bicycle Club!

Ben Puccini: Brace Yourselves, CosParty is Coming

Ben stopped by our first event, did some filming, and a write-up all about CosParty!

Marilyn Denis Halloween Show 2017

Marilyn Denis Show

CosParty was invited to participate in Marilyn’s Halloween Show, talking about the art of cosplay. Check out Tess as Village Belle (alongside two of Marilyn’s staff members – such good sports!)

Celebrating 20 Years of Harry Potter – Documentary

CosParty’s Artistic Director, Tess Barao, was interviewed for a documentary celebrating 20 Years of Harry Potter. (If you look closely, you may spot a couple more CosParty members in some photos)

Celebrating 20 Years of Harry Potter

Our Unofficial First Party Was Featured in Narcity:
Toronto Is About To Get Hit With The Most Fantastical Harry Potter Parties Ever